Cat accommodation and what to look for in a Cattery

Cat accommodation and what to look for in a Cattery

accommodation for cats

When you need to be away from your feline friend for an extended period of time, it’s time you started thinking about cat accommodation and what to look for in a hotel for cats.

There are many factors to consider when looking for a Sydney cattery. We hope this post will assist in answering your questions when looking for cat accommodation.

Veterinarian availability

Can your hotel for cats provide the name and number of a nearby vet that attends to any illnesses in the cat hotel? Even better, is the Cattery affiliated or co-located with a vet clinic? This is the ideal situation, meaning a veterinarian is always available to treat any sick felines and your cat will enjoy prompt care.  a co-located cattery should also be able to provide a plan as to how they deal with sick animals.

Climate control/Ventilation

A top choice for your cat accommodation is a cattery that offers controlled temperatures and ventilation 24 hours a day. The last thing your loved one wants is the air conditioning switched off on weekends in the middle of summer!

At the Lion’s Den, we keep our climate controlled air condition at the feline’s ideal temperature of 23 degrees. This temperature is fixed, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week meaning you and your cat can rest easy!


When researching a hotel for cats, it’s important to understand what attention your feline will enjoy when residing in their cat accommodation. How often will staff check on your cat? When will they be fed and their litter changed? These are important questions for your loved one, and ensures they’ll leave the cat hotel in great condition.

Cats only

It’s imperative to ensure the Sydney Cattery caters to cats only and doesn’t combine dogs and cats on the same premises. Cats can be easily stressed and like their freedom and solitude. Combining cats in a dog boarding kennel should be avoided.

No mixed cat boarding

Further to the last point, it’s important that your cat hotel doesn’t mix cats in its lodgings. Cats can be solitary and like their own space. This is particularly true for newly introduced felines. Cats can often become stressed if forced to share lodgings with an unfamiliar feline.

We hope these tips assist you to select your feline’s Sydney Cat Accommodation. It’s also often helpful to ask fellow cat owners for a recommendation. \

Do keep in mind that good cat boarding facilities fill up quickly. We advise you to book ahead, especially over school holidays, when catteries are the busiest, and for multi-day bookings.

At the Lion’s Den. We’re a co-located Veterinary clinic and Cattery. We put the needs of your feline first and provide peace of mind for cat owners.

If you are looking for an Inner West Cattery, servicing suburbs including St. Peters, Newtown, Enmore, Mascot, Marrickville or looking for an Eastern Suburbs Cattery, in Bellevue Hill, Double Bay, Rose Bay, or Bondi.

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