Keeping your Cat content

Keeping your Cat content

Keeping your Cat Content

At our partner clinic: Southern Cross Vet, the pecking order has changed recently with the addition of Arnold, our clinic cat. He provides a great source of entertainment and welcomes new clients in the lobby. We’ve had to provide for his endless hunger for play and he brings to mind the importance of enriching the living environment to cats.


While odourless to humans, certain pheromones secreted from the oil glands of the cheeks of cats have a calming effect on domestic kitties. They are commercially available now in diffuser form and a spray and can be used safely to provide a more relaxed environment in the home. Try spraying your cat carrier with the pheromone before a vet visit!


While popular in the United States, catnip doesn’t seem to have the same effect on many Australian cats. This has been proven in a number of good quality scientific studies. Cat grass on the other hand can be a great tool for your cat to amuse themselves.

High and mighty

Providing ‘vertical territory’ AKA high places to climb, sleep and play serves many functions for cats. These hiding places make them feel safe and secure, and from high up, cats can survey their world. As cats show their position in the ‘pecking order’ by where they stand when in the company of other cats, vertical territory is especially important for multi-cat households. For indoor cats, a small apartment can seem much larger when they can utilise the walls and vertical space for play and activity.   Consider fixing shelving or purchasing a cat tree to help enrich their world.

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