Boarding your cat this summer?

Boarding your cat this summer?

At the Lion’s Den, we love summer and the holiday season! Sydney is a great city, and it really comes alive in the summer. From those bright, sunny days, the late sunsets and lazing away time at the beach; if there’s a better city in the world, I haven’t seen it!

Summer and the festive season is also a time when many of us take the opportunity to go on holidays with family and friends. This can be a stressful time for your cat, as felines are often “creatures of habit”. It’s important that you plan ahead if you are planning on boarding your cat over the holiday season. Catteries in Sydney fill-up fast and with a shortage of staff available over the Christmas to New Year period, some Sydney catteries close altogether.

At The Lion’s Den, it’s business as usual! We’re busy attending to the needs of our feline guests throughout the holiday season in both our eastern suburbs cattery and our cat lodging facility in the inner west. Our co-located vet clinics are also staffed during the holiday season, so there’s no need to be concerned. Your cat will always have timely and expert vet care if the unfortunate situation arises over the holiday period.

Our cattery prices are comparable to some of the cheaper cat boarding facilities in Sydney, but we offer a premium service in our brand new Cat hotel that’s just opened in December. Our cat boarding prices start at just $35 a night. Our facility is incredible, with premium suites and skype session available for your beloved feline. You can pick the pillows and comfort level for your cat, with artisan inspired menus your cat will love!

Some cats enjoy their stay so much, they don’t want to leave! One owner recently gave their cat a nickname: “Hotel Cat” as anything less than the Lion’s Den was unacceptable for her fussy feline!

So if you are looking for cat holiday care and a reputable cattery you can trust for boarding your cat, contact us or book today. To read our other articles, click here.