Is the Lion’s Den the Best Cat Boarding in Sydney?

Are you on the lookout for the best cat boarding in Sydney?

Some clients inform us that they’re so fed up with substandard pet boarding, that they resorted to a cat sitter. Yes, that’s right; they convinced family and friends to take care of their cats when they were away on holidays.

It doesn’t matter whether you are searching for the best cat boarding in the Eastern Suburbs, Inner West, central Sydney or just trustworthy pet boarding.

At the Lion’s Den, we want you to know that your best friend in life is going to be treated with the care and respect it deserves. Every Cat is health checked at concierge time by a veterinarian, both for the protection of other cats that are residing in the hotel, as well as to identify any health concerns that may need treatment during their stay, so owners have complete piece of mind.

Our cattery is staffed, and animals are monitored entirely by fully accredited Vet nurses, and they have around the clock access to vets, should the need arise.

We’ve been informed by clients that after picking up their cats from other catteries in Sydney, some were returned with anxiety and others with flea and fur discolouration. You don’t want your cattery scrimping on the vet call out fee if your beloved wasn’t feeling well. Don’t spend countless hours searching for cat hotels, and come to the best cat boarding facility in Sydney!

Sending your feline to a sitter is a big favour to ask, especially if you have a kitten, mature cat, or an extremely fussy cat. Some clients have mentioned that on some holidays and business trips, their friends came home to unfriendly looks from their friends, later to find out how the stress of their cat minding put a strain on their relationships.

At the Lion’s Den, we offer short and long-term cat boarding. Come and see us today to find out why many clients think we’re the best cattery in Sydney! contact us today, or book a suite for your cat online.